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Connecting businesses to a new digital world.
We believe that progress is to embrace new technology, whether personal or corporate. We invest resources and expertise in delivering state of the art and cost effective software solutions, that meet business expectations. Digifellows is your trusted technology partner in a new digital world.


Imagine all needs

We thoroughly study each case to understand specific needs and business objectives, and deliver a dependable and cost-efficient solution for maximizing clients’ competitive advantage and productivity.  We analyse all available options and provide proficient advice to guide clients to informed business decisions.

Design each phase

From requirements specification, architecture design, UXD, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support, we guide our clients step by step through each phase of development, providing sound advice on the appropriate technology and application design options.

Create the maximum value

At Digifellows we are committed to create the maximum value for our clients and support their operations in a constantly changing and competitive business environment. Our goal is to become a valuable technology partner, serving client needs today and supporting clients’ growing business needs tomorrow.

Bringing innovative technologies for environmental protection.

We strongly believe that innovative technologies can advance the goal both of environmental protection and sustainable growth.

Creating software products that support actions towards a sustainable feature, is not only a commitment for us but also an investment opportunity.

We invest resources in the Green Economy and our latest innovation is the platform which is a brand new e-commerce platform for selling and buying recovered refrigerant liquids in the European Union. aims to became the leader trade platform in the European Union for recovered refrigerant liquids in a period that the market is facing regulative challenges. fully covers the needs both of sellers and buyers of refrigerant liquids while offering a secure and state of the art e-trade environment.

Our Expertise

Efficient high-load architectures

Software engineers at Digifellows design and build robust architectures that effectively tackle common issues of the high load systems. We develop fast and responsive web applications with .NET, and  NodeJS. Our software development projects include real-time trading platforms, online tracking systems, real time auction systems, maritime performance measurement systems, banking and Risk Management systems. We deliver fault-tolerant applications that handle a maximum number of connections with short response time. High availability is a cornerstone of the high-load systems that we build. Digifellows software architects use the latest technologies and the best practices to ensure each platform’s core functionality is available and without interruptions.

Cloud solutions

The benefits of cloud computing are changing the landscape of whole industries. Digifellows team can help on every stage of the cloud development lifecycle.
We can provide guidance through the design, licensing, migration, transition to the cloud infrastructure, maintenance, and support. Our software architects design highly-available cloud systems to make sure applications remain operational in spite of any possible infrastructure issues.
We have been implementing scalable cloud-based solutions for various business sectors. We build secure software infrastructures with the most advanced platforms currently available, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Machine learning and AI

For a wide array of tasks, machine learning is superior to traditional software engineering. It stands behind state-of-the-art search engines, real-time data science, digital security, and artificial intelligence software.
Our team can either deliver full-cycle AI software development or help your in-house team at any stage of the project. Our skilled data scientists will leverage data processing frameworks and develop machine learning procedures that are optimal for solving any business challenge.
Digifellows has close cooperation with the academic and can boost services to outperform the competition with the power of AI.


The IoT is everywhere and it’s connecting everything!
Our backend solutions allow apps to communicate with devices via industry- standard and custom protocols, using end-to-end encryption throughout all points of connection.
We extend existing enterprise and consumer solutions into IoT, turning connected distributed devices and gadgets into valuable assets that monitor and manage significant data. We build connected systems that gather, store and analyze data collected from devices across networks. We also deliver custom solutions that help to create context, based on user location by using beacons. We utilize ARDUINO or Raspberry Pi boards, to quickly build IoT prototypes with a cloud-based backend to interact with the device through a modern API and develop web services around it.

Business Applications

When it comes to developing business applications and operational software, we love the challenge of creation. Every single project is thoroughly examined so as to ensure the best outcome.

Our software engineers work closely with you, mapping all the business processes and needs and then propose the most suitable application.

We combine the very best technical platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC and Web Services, HTML5, along with our Rapid Application Development methodology to deliver software quickly.
As an example, we’ve created business apps that include secure messaging, admin systems, dashboards, automated reports that can be produced quickly and accurately, stock control, financial calculations and much more.

Database design and creation

We apply proven methodologies to design, develop and implement database systems that attain optimum level of performance and maximum security.  By mixing online and offline, mobile, desktop, local and cloud, our database experts can provide you with a customized, well defined and secured database software that suits your business model and enables you to carry out real-time information and data analysis easily, rapidly, and securely.

Our database design procedure conforms to multiple security standards ensuring security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of most sensitive data.

Legacy Software Modernisation

Legacy software modernization is the first step towards business agility. Quick respond to market changes, easily produce meaningful reports, fewer costs and happier staff are the most well documented benefits of a legacy system modernization.

With Digifellows you’re in safe hands. Initially, we’ll spend time to fully understand your business operations, what are your current system drawbacks and what your new system needs to be able to deliver. This is crucial as the process of modernizing your technology has to be customized to your individual company.

Afterwards, we can either upgrade your legacy system to a viable and effective level, that is able to interface effectively with newer technologies, or to build a completely new system with the option to “switch off” the old one and migrating your operations to the new one.

A Leader In The Industry

Digifellows delivers dependable .NET solutions that meets your business goals and needs, irrespective of its size. We provide full-cycle .NET development services by leveraging our expertise, in delivering high end, process-oriented applications and software products for web, cloud and mobile.

custom .net development

Using the Microsoft .NET framework, our engineering team is capable of creating highly effective and scalable custom software, based on each client’s specific requirements.

.net integration

We deliver custom-make loosely coupled middleware services to incorporate .NET solutions to your business environment and help you ensure unhindered A2A/B2B communication.

3rd party .net customization

When your choice is third party .NET solutions you can rely on Digifellows for customizing/improving them to suit the needs of your company. Our services include UI skinning, maintainability and functionality improvement, as well as API development and optimization.

migration to .net

Digifellows has the management and technical resources to successfully migrate your business-critical applications to the .NET framework. Our experts provide a wide range of services that will seamlessly migrate your existing applications to .NET and boost its performance.

Our development stack

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